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Many changes at Outlandish HQ

26 Nov 2013

We’ve been ridiculously quiet on this blog and on Twitter of late. First of all big apologies to you all for seemingly being inactive, all we can say is that it has been totally opposite of this and have been so busy we have hardly put down our laptops for breath since, well, since ummmm, we can’t even remember when.

So who thought it would be a good idea to;

  1. Move offices
  2. Launch a new website
  3. Taken on a real life employee (Hanna, you are fab)
  4. Double in size finding numerous fabulous freelancers

All at once?

Well, us. And we’ve done it. With a few bumps along the way of course.

Things we have learnt;

  1. We are far better at managing our client’s projects than our own
  2. It is really difficult to find the right people but once you find them it is great
  3. Being strategic is hard
  4. Working out who knows what, who needs to know and how to tell them is even harder
  5. There is SO much more to learn

We are hoping that once we have delivered lots of our projects by the end of this year we will be able to consolidate, work out what went right, what went a little out of shape and not be quite so super busy for a little while in January.  What do you think our chances are?