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My Outlandish internship by Iiris

By Michael Ohl, 23 May 2014

Gone, but not forgotten, design intern Iiris and now official Outlander describes her 9,600 minutes working with us

I’m really glad that I had this huge opportunity to work for the company with a really out-of-this-world name – Outlandish. I loved and cherished all these 9,600 minutes I spent in this office, even though they went way too fast.

At first when I came to London, I didn’t have any idea what kind of experience it will turn out to be because I had no idea what would be my assignments during this internship. “Maybe making coffee/tea,” they said.

But NO! I started with some logo work for PHFI and then moved on to an AWESOME OU Poetry tool thingy (coming soon). I had this amazing opportunity to start from the bottom and go through many, many steps to the top. I started working on a mobile view for a new web page where you can find a poem according to your mood. Later made also a tablet view for this page.

Also I did some samples for Outlandish business cards.

The last work that I had my hands on, was a logo for Health Prom. It was very good to see the difference between where I started and where I eventually ended up. And all that thanks to Matt C. This logomaking process showed me that sometimes the first idea that comes to you, is the right one (at least for the client).

Thanks fullfatmatt for caring about this internship that much.

A little fun fact – sometimes I just took some minutes to enjoy the Outlandish feeling, looked out of the window and listened to Olly talking with this English accent which we all love, just because I could (sorry if this creeps you out but you were talking like all the time :D).

Oh and there’s one more – I continue to have these Chinese Tuesdays you have (or Asian or whatever) and I call it “Pilusilma Tuesday”. But going to miss these pub lunches.

Anyways thank you Harry for such a warm welcome (I don’t even care that I lost my scarf), Georgi for saying “uks-cocks-kolm”, Tam for wearing orange, Olly for “My Mad Fat Diaries”, Matt K for noticing my dry humour, Ras for playing Something Good, Abi for being the nicest person, Hanna for coming from the country that had the best Eurovision song of all time, Iain for having the manliest beard I’ve ever seen, Ronald for showing the amazing Kitt-clock, and of course Matt C for being a huge inspiration for me and all that jazz.

Thanks guys, cheers, see you (soon).