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Ending internship

By Michael Ohl, 16 Dec 2014

While this is a festive period, it also means my internship is coming to an end, indeed the 18th of December is my last day here, thus this is my last blog post. :'(

My 6 months paid internship as a French “junior system administrator/developer” at Outlandish passed really fast, I had to do lots of tasks, some of them were more interesting than others and some were more difficult than others.  My main one was to be responsible of the internet along with other admin tasks, such as working on tools like AWS, Selenium, LastPass…

This internship was interesting because I gained more knowledge and experience but I think that I could have learned more if I was a taught more stuff. In fact, I had no on the job training, that is to say that I had to find all the informations by myself. For example, I’ve never worked on AWS before and had to find on my own how it works, but of course I could ask questions at anytime.

I’ve discovered how complicated it is to deal with ISPs, they won’t give you everything you need to help you, you have to think and keep on calling them all the time in order to have what you want, they won’t call you back otherwise.

One last thing,  among all the posts the other interns wrote it sounds like Outlandish is the perfect place to work, I wanted to say that as all companies it has some advantages and drawbacks, with probably more advantages because it’s a cool startup.

I would like to thank you all for everything you’re all so cool.

Merry Christmas everyone and see you all shortly for a drink ! 😉