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An Outlandish week

By Ronald Mansveld, 16 May 2014

My first week at Outlandish can surely be called ‘outlandish’. Not only was I starting at a new job, but I’d be living in a new city, and a new country.

One of the most noticeable things about Outlandish has to do with the fact that Outlandish is an employee-owned company. All people working here are not merely my colleagues, but also my ‘partners in crime’. The people here are not only recruited based on their merits, but also on being a nice person to be around. Everyone has made sure I feel welcome not just in the company, but in London and the UK in general.

A new company means a lot of changes. New ways of working, new ways of organizing, new ways for everything. Even though starting new, I’m already included in decision-making processes, and everyone is keen on hearing my view on things. Right from the start it is clear I’m not working for a company, but I’m working for my company.

A new city and a new country also mean a lot of changes. The few days I had before starting at Outlandish were filled with finding my way through the bureaucratic labyrinth the Brits like to call ‘the government’. Luckily there are always the people at Outlandish to help me circumvent regular pitfalls, and give me nudge into the right direction.

So far I’ve had my first taste of a number of projects, and I can’t wait to get up to speed so I can work on them properly as well. So let me get back to work, and I’ll be blogging some more later!