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A brand new Outlander

By Michael Ohl, 25 Jul 2014

As every new recruit, it’s now my turn to introduce myself. I’m Michael, a 19-year-old french young man, which means that I’m the youngest outlander and I’m working as a network administrator.

Already two weeks have passed since I’m here, it’s unbelievable how time flies when you love what you do. Everyone is nice here, we’re all friends and we understand each other.
What makes our strength is that we’re all quite relaxed even though we’ve got deadlines.

Among the things that I’ve done, I’ve set up a wired network so that the internet will be down less (BT Business seems to be a terrible service) and will be installing another provider (Plusnet) as a back up.

I’m always ready to face new challenges but also helping people work better and I hate when I can’t achieve what I’ve started and am only satisfied when it works, so I do my best to do so.
Thus, I’m very happy to be here, so do my colleagues.

I’ll post something more technical later on so stay tuned !